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Flexible Wellen - Flexible Reach Rods

Functional Concept

Overall design:

The principal constructional element, the Reach Rod unit, consists of a flexible and torsionally stiff steel cable, which is encased in a flexible steel sleeve, this again is rubber coated for protection.

1. Reach Rod Core

Due to its particular design, the Reach Rod core out of specifically wound steel wire is capable of transmitting high torques in both directions, and yet maintains it good flexibility.

2. Reach Rod Protective Coating

The outer protective rubber coating (Dehatherm®) is vulcanized directly onto the flexible steel sleeve, protecting both the Reach Rod unit from external impact and dirt.

3. Connections

The end connections of stainless steel are hydraulically pressed onto the Reach Rod core and therefore not removable. The metal sleeve is connected at one end with a hydraulically press fitted end bushing, and equipped with a greasing nipple. For the purpose of local fixing, the other end piece is threaded on the outside M30x1.5 and equipped with two fixing nuts. This end piece is fitted onto the coating in a detachable manner with three set screws, allowing the insertion into penetrating ferrules etc. during installation.

In order to use the Flexible Reach Rod for the operation of a valve, it is necessary to establish a connection with the valve on one side, and to provide a possibility for the operator to actually turn it.

For this purpose, we offer a wide selection of different components and equipment, which can be adapted in a flexible manner to every thinkable specific case of application. These include for instance:

  • operating units
  • deck connections
  • wall, bulkhead and deck penetration units
  • gear boxes
  • longitudinal compensation elements
  • fixing elements
  • adapters
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