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Flexible Wellen - Flexible Reach Rods

Flexible Reach Rod

The Flexible Reach Rod is an advanced development on the basis of the widely known stiff remote control rods, designed for remote operation of valves installed in places difficult to access or in dangerous environment. Since its market introduction more than 15 years ago, the system has been showing its suitability and effectiveness in numerous installations.

Advantages over conventional stiff remote control rods:

  • easy system integration
  • low maintenance costs
  • corrosion-free stainless steel connections and adapters
  • good torque transmission (in both directions)
  • long-term greasing
  • hermetically self-contained system
  • easy and cost-efficient installation
  • uncomplicated handling for refit

Main feature: Flexibility of applications

Example fields of application:

  • offshore industry
  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical plants
  • shipbuilding
  • tank construction

Example installations:

  • at or inside tanks
  • in places difficult to access
  • in dangerous environment (fire, gases)
  • for newbuilding projects
  • for modification of existing systems
  • medium-tight penetration of tank and vessel shells

Special applications:

The materials and parameters included in this manual refer to our standard design version in air rat normal ambient temperature. Depending on the specific application and operating conditions, various alternative materials are possible:

  • entirely non-magnetic
  • for special medium effects
  • for special ambient temperatures
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