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Flexible Wellen - Flexible Reach Rods


The Flexible Reach Rod is suitable for all cases of application where a (basically manual) turning movement with low driving speed is to be transmitted to a valve or the emergency handwheel of a valve actuator. Ideally, the transmission can be up to 25-30 Nm minimum.

The effective torque in a specific case depends however on various influences, such as length of the Flexible Reach Rod, number and radii of bends, the existence of penetrating units as well as the number of fixing points to avoid a twisting of the Flexible Reach Rod. In cases requiring a higher transmission of torque, this is typically achieved with the use of a gear box. The following diagram shows the general interdependence between the maximum (directly !) transmittable torque and the effective length of the Flexible Reach Rod, under the assumption of “ideal” conditions (single Reach Rod, no bends, no external impact, installation according to these instructions).

Generally, there is no gear box required for situations underneath the dividing line, whereas above, the application requires the use of a torque-reducing gear box. The grey area shows the effective situation with respect of the various possible influences from bends as well as specific conditions and external influences.


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