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Flexible Wellen - Flexible Reach Rods

Layout & Mounting Instructions

  • Ideally on site, measure the required length from B (point of operation) to A (valve) by means of a flexible rubber hose or rope. Determine the required wall penetrations as well as operating conditions of the installation (submerged under medium, temperature impact, etc.).
  • The given minimum bending radii must be observed!
  • Please bear in mind that in case of high torques and/or distances, a gearbox has to be used (ref. Flexible Reach Rod \Applicability). In case a gearbox is required, ARMATUREN-WOLFF will carry out the project-specific layout in respect of frictional loss, torques, etc.
  • For manufacturing reasons as well as handling during installation, we recommend that Flexible Reach Rods over 10.0m should be realized out of two or more sections.
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